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New leadership for the ECB

What challenges await the successor? On 28 October 2019 Mario Draghi was officially relieved of his duties and thus leaves…

General elections in Portugal 2019

A new constellation of parliament During the Portuguese parliamentary elections which took place on 6 October 2019, one party emerged…

Austrian parliamentary elections 2019

What are the results? On 29 September 2019 Austria elected a new National Assembly after only two years. Despite over…

The new EU-Commission

Structural changes and an uncertain line-up After the summer break the new German President of the EU Commission Ursula von…

G7 summit in Biarritz

A successful meeting? This year’s G7 summit that was held under French presidency in Biarritz focused on the fight against…

Italian government crisis

Will there be early parliamentary elections? The beginnings of the Italian government that has been formed in May 2018 were…

Koalitionsverhandlungen -
Hochsaison für Lobbyisten

Interview mit Mathias Zahn, SWR, 24.10.2013

Karl Jurka - ZIB24 Interview

Dr. Jurka spricht über die Causa Amon und den Korruptions-U-Ausschuss

Baustelle Justitz - Report vom 26.07.2011

Auszug aus « Report » vom 26.07.2011 über das Misstrauen der Bevölkerung in die Justiz – Dr. Karl Jurka spricht über den Entwurf des neuen Lobbyistengesetzes.

Interview in Ö3

Mit Dr. Karl Jurka 

Interview Radio Wien

Mit Dr. Karl Jurka

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